Shit happens, I mean look at your face.

Friday 30 March 12 15:30

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Hey this is more of a writing post. so i know that most bloggers wont really be interested in reading it. so this is for the ones who truly bother and care. i love you!

Ever felt like life's a race thats running by too fast? The end and the prize being death? The uncertainty of life after that? Well ive felt like that too. but really when i look at my life, i want to take it slow. today i regret what i said as a kid. I had declared that dreaded day, "I cant wait to grow up!" but now i realised this shit really sucks.

Exams after exams. prep talks from all the adults in my life. endless lectures from my dad telling me to change my attitude, behavior and superiority complex. I dint even know i had THAT much attitude. guess he must be right somehwre after seeing me grow up these last few years. Then after exams and family comes friends and the pressure to be liked, loved, accepted by all. Its tough, i bet you know all about it. I mean to say that most times im with friends, ill be laughing and smiling. ALOT. but really, my minds stuck on the beautiful yesterday and the uncertain tomorrow whilst my heart on the other hand is in another world away from the blue earth. Well after friends comes my hobbies and life interests. Mainly reading and talking. yes i talk alot. oh yes music.I write lyrics and stuff you see. Finally comes boys. A topic i haven't been dwelling much on because ive been doing past papers and studying my butt off. literally. I swear if you lived my life you would kill yourself from boredom.

SO boys. The opposite sex with their curly or wavy dark hair, dark eyes, messed up mind, strong arms, football boots, strong deodorants, that make me and every other girl on planet earth go crazy. yeah really. its funny how just their smile can change everything. anyways ive been a mess with boys. My ex, my ex before my ex and my friend- just friend. all perfect.

My ex. well i really dont understand why he has come running back into my life. we had a sad ugly ending and now around a year later he is saying sorry and telling me nothing was ever my fault and that it was all just him being immature and childish. and i being the stupid me smiled and agreed to it and forgave it.
Its tough to say no to him. at least for me.

My friend. well hes a unique piece.

Finally i feel like im at an age where this is not whats meant for me. i mean i have exmas, family and friends. why all this boy drama. so yeah im just gonna keep to flirting, dating but no more. cos i cant handle anymore. unless i finally meet that guy who makes me... explode? yeah that. i bet ill break this in an hour. 

Listen to this and make my day.
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  • Britishbloggerx

    Those photos are lush! My parents are exactly the same! Exams? are you at the GCSE stage or A level? and the fact you feel pressured to be like etc.. makes me sad if there is one thing I have learned going to college and generally growing up is that if people don't like me that is their loss I don't have a boyfriend and I don't plan on yet my focus is to focus on my job, and college and what is left of my social life :P always be yourself sweetie because I think your lovely! and I just want to say that your really good with words! your blog posts like this one are so interesting! :) and the song is amazing thank you for introducing it to me! xxx

    Friday 30 March 12 17:14
  • heysexyladay

    I love the first photo, especially with the quote! so powerful. xx, and I know how the boys are! So confusing! Always stay strong, and never get wrapped up in dumb guys that don't know what they want. I love your blog :)xx

    Saturday 31 March 12 02:54
  • khloecruise

    GCSE stage. thx so so much british blogger. what you wrote means alot to me
    @heysexy yeah i found that quote on tumblr! its amazing. i love ure quotes too.

    Saturday 31 March 12 05:27
  • Marti-09

    your photos are so amazing.

    I don't think i've ever said, "I can't wait to grow up" , I just always loved being young. I was always scared of growing up.

    Saturday 31 March 12 17:53
  • hotmess12-dly


    Sunday 1 April 12 05:26
  • EyesAblaze

    I love the first photo and the quote is amazing :) its natural youll get confused, boys ARE confusing. Its never simple.I think theres someone out there for you and you'll find them becoz you seem such a lovely genuine person

    Sunday 1 April 12 21:57
  • missteehee

    love the first picture, and the quote is really good x

    Sunday 1 April 12 23:26
  • khloecruise

    thx guys. yes boys can be very frustrating. ut boys will be boys right?>

    Monday 2 April 12 05:24
  • WhatALife-

    Heeey! i like your blog :) could you go to mine, read the 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' post, spread the message and hype it?
    -ThankkYouu SO mucch if you do and follow me pleasee xoxo

    Monday 2 April 12 18:25
  • CatchMeInYourArms

    amazing photos! thanks for hyping my posts! means a lot;)<3

    Monday 2 April 12 22:45
  • khloecruise

    thx guys and no problem ill check it out right after this

    Tuesday 3 April 12 03:10
  • imPEnetrable

    how can people not read what you write?

    tbh , i've never wanted to grow up when i have been a childhood was awesome, no real problems, friends and now everyone is missing their childhood..

    and great attitude, i agree, you should never regret something in your life you've done, without really bad things (i hope you understand). they are a part of yourself and your story, at the moment you did it, it felt right, so it is a good memory.. :)
    great pic and post!

    Tuesday 3 April 12 16:25
  • khloecruise

    haha thx i love how you read everything and tell me what u feel its awesome and very uplifting!
    yeah i wanted to grow up cos i was like a nerd in primary and stuff. and i did like how i transformed into everyones friend after that when i grew up. childhood was difficult for me. so yeah thxxx.

    Wednesday 4 April 12 03:38
  • Paramonster1

    love these photos!

    Wednesday 4 April 12 09:47
  • khloecruise

    THXXX :)

    Wednesday 4 April 12 10:50
  • conniewonzxoxo


    these photos are beautiful!

    Wednesday 4 April 12 22:39
  • khloecruise

    thx connie

    Thursday 5 April 12 07:45
  • gurrrlhey

    i love like all your pics loll followed do the same?

    Sunday 15 April 12 13:24
  • khloecruise

    thxxx for following ,me "_

    Monday 16 April 12 03:17
  • tomlyricz


    late read..have your attitude changed since u wrote this...its usually so easy to develope a bad attitude and so hard to change..usually u dont see when it goes bad u have and thats good...exams i know u r studding now beased on ur recent post and again i wish u the best u r probaly stress nw but we know that after the results that stress will turn to a guy and i apologise for all guys that have made u unhappy ur ex may have really realize he was immature last not sure if we are thinking about the same guy did u write about him in 2011 summer?...comment is gettin clustered ...i just want you to smile again are you still wearin those beautiful silverware on ur pearly teeth :) i havent seen any recent pic of u with a super bright smile thats the reason i ask...thousands mile aparti hope u can catch the love im about to send u

    Thursday 26 April 12 16:16
  • khloecruise

    hey tom. haha so sweet man. no im not wearing braces anymore. took em off. :)
    well yeah i know i get influenced real fast. sucks for me. and its great to see ure comment. i read it like five six times. thanks so much. stay amazing

    Friday 27 April 12 03:42

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